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find your People. Get Fit.

Be Your best self.

No intimidation here. Just a good workout, with good people.

Why Choose Group Fitness?

Be ready for anything life offers you. Wanna go for a hike? I got this! Let's do a 5k? Sounds like fun! Great day to go kayaking. Count me in!

Those who sweat together, stay together. We pride ourselves on our family environment. You will make new friends and lasting relationships.

Our workouts are designed to be challenging, but achievable for all fitness levels.

Coaches and classmates will help keep you accountable. So you won't fall off the wagon on the way to making your goals a reality.

We give you:

Exceptional coaches

Our certified coaches are ready to help you get the most out of your workout. We know how to adapt any workout to your needs. So you can still achieve your goals, despite any obstacles life may have thrown your way.


Knowing your best gym buddy will be waiting for you or calling to see where you've been is the best way to maintain accountability. We aren't just friends here, we're family. 


No boring workouts or cumbersome routines here. There is something new every day to keep you motivated. 


Everyone has different goals. We take the time to get to know you and what you want to achieve so that we can make a plan to get you there. 

It's time to choose you!

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