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FIT Hendersonville 3- Memorial Park

HELLO Hendersonville! How about this weather we have been having? It has been amazing! I have the perfect way for you get out and enjoy this beautiful fall weather. Today I stumbled upon Memorial Park. I have always thought this was an extension of Drakes Creek or known as the duck pond. After a walk around today this park is one of its own.

Dog parks, playgrounds (remodeled by the one and only Taylor Swift), tennis courts, pavilions and greenway connectors make this park a destination you cannot miss. You can even feed the ducks. Make sure to have some change on hand to buy food from the machines. Bread is bad for their digestive system so it is best to use the food onsite!

I started my Memorial Park adventure with a warm up around the Drakes Creek Island. This is my new favorite path in Hendersonville. There is water on both sides of you; low hanging trees that are starting to turn fall colors and all sorts of wildlife. Be sure to check out the sunbathing turtles! This loop is around .70 mi., which is a perfect walk/jog for a warm up.

Afterwards I found a spot in the shade in a large open field to do my workout in. I programmed some line drills to help with mobility, agility, and speed. All of these drills are demonstrated in the workout video posted below. The workout I created is called four corners conditioning. I set up objects that I found laying around the park in a square, each object about 20 yards from the other. This conditioning piece starts with a 20-yard sprint, a 20-yard side shuffle left; backpedal to the next object and then a side shuffle right. This completes one rep. This workout is perfect for anybody looking to increase off the line speed in their workouts which is important for just about any sport.

(4 Corner Conditioning how to vide0)

Give this workout a try next time you visit Memorial Park. If you don’t go for the workout be sure to at least take the stroll around the island.

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