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Healthier Hendersonville- Prince Street Pizza

I cannot tell you how excited I am to start this Healthier Hendersonville series!

So what is Healthier Hendersonville?

Every week we will be featuring a locally owned restaurant in or around the Hendersonville area. GET FIT will be showing you how you can still eat out, support local businesses, and be healthy! Are you ready for restaurant number one?

Restaurant number one is…. Prince Street Pizza located right in the heart of Gallatin, TN. Now, I know what you are thinking… how in the world can you eat healthy at a pizza place but first a little about the business!

Located on the corner of N Water and Prince Street this little artisan pizza place is gleaming with character. The inside is covered in messages written in sharpie and the outside is full of fun vibrant graffiti. As it says on their website they are founded on two things “good food and a love of craft beer.” Definitely my kind of place!

So what can you get there that is healthy? On my adventure to the pizzeria I picked out the Hamburglar pizza on cauliflower crust and it did not disappoint! The toppings included ground beef, mustard, onions, and pickles! With 90% of the toppings being calorie free, I couldn’t turn it down. They have also created pizza bowls and have a wide range of salads. If you are looking to check out a football game, play some trivia, or hit up a pint night then Prince Street is your place. They also have a patio that is perfect for enjoying the fall weather.

The macros for half of this pizza are roughly 383 Calories 30g Net Carbs 18g Fat and 17g Protein. Pair this one of their side salads for a complete meal! Also pictured is one of the pizza bowls. I did not have one but it looked delicious.

Do not let your diet stop you! You can still be social and eat healthy too! They are offering curbside pickup, and they are available for delivery through Phoodis. Check out the full menu on their website. You can also check out their facebook page to find out more about their local events!

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