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How to Find Fitness Motivation: The Secret

HANDS UP if you know working out is a good thing!

Most people know this, yet the majority of people don’t work out.

Ever wonder why?

Well, the word “workout” literally contains the word "work" which usually means it is going to be hard and if you aren't motivated this is discouraging.

Even if you are motivated and you are ready to dive into a program, where do you even begin?

We have the secret. It has two parts:

Focus on your goals and rely on a coach.

How to Accomplish Your Goals

I think it would be so much fun to spend all of my money on shoes, hats, and crazy workout socks! Don't you think it would be fun to buy all the latest gadgets and gizmos? Yes! But you don’t because you have other goals, like paying your rent or mortgage, taking a vacation, saving for retirement, and so on. Those things keep you motivated so you stay on track.

Exercise can be treated the same way, If you have goals, you’ll be motivated to work toward them. But here’s the problem: If you don’t see progress, you’ll quit.

Your financials are easy to track because the numbers are right there in front of you. For most people, fitness goals are way harder to track. The scale is extremely volatile and not always a reliable source, I hit my goal of exercising 3 days a week but my BMI is still high. How in the world can you keep it all straight? WE CAN HELP! We’ll help you identify your short- and long-term goals, determine how to measure them, and track progress. And we’ll celebrate all the small wins along the way to the big one!

That brings us to the second element of motivation: Rely on a coach.

Now you have the goals, but what is they plan? How are you going to get there.? Maybe you want to lose 20 lb.? We can tell you how. Want improve to run faster? We have a program. Want to get stronger? That’s in our wheelhouse. Need to fix your nutrition habits? Our coach is the best! Since school is virtual and exercise for kids now is minimal do they need help? We got you!

There’s nothing more frustrating than the fitness industry. What workout do I do, what meal should I eat, and what are supplements? All of these are great questions but can be confusing. However, a coach can help you draw the map from where you are now to where you want to be. They will be the first to pick you up when are down and celebrate your wins no matter how big or small.

If we told you to go suffer through a workout right now, does that sound appealing? NO! But if we told you that you’d be led through the perfect workout for your goals by an inspiring professional who will make you smile, you’d probably feel much more inclined to tie up those runners!

Bonus: We offer the chance to work one on one with a personal coach or in a group setting. Some people love the devoted attention of a personal coach, but other people get fired up by the energy of a supportive group. The choice is up to you!

Now that you know the secret to motivation, you have only one thing left to do: start! You can do that by clicking [HERE]. Come see us and we’ll put together the perfect program for you—with motivation and inspiration guaranteed!

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