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How to Lose Fat “Right Here”

I can't tell you how many times, clients have pointed to every single body part and said, “I want to lose fat right here.”

The most common areas: the stomach, the hips/butt and the “wobble under the arm.”

Are you ready for me to tell you how to lose fat in any of those parts—and anywhere else for that matter?

Truth is... you CAN'T actually target fat loss in a specific body part. There are ads for products that say you can “burn off belly fat” or “tone your legs,” but these are statements are false. No magic pill, lotion, wrap or diet can target fat loss in one place.

What you must do is use fitness and nutrition to reduce overall body fat. Then it is up to your body to decide where the fat is lost.

You can speed up the process by building some muscle to help burn fat. It does not take being a bulky bodybuilder either. All it takes is small increases. You won’t ever suddenly become “bulky”—but that’s a myth for another time.

Our Fat-Loss Program

There are a lot of ways to reduce body fat and build muscle!

We are going to tell you how we at GET FIT Hendersonville use fitness and nutrition to get results. We also guarantee it works! (Don’t take our word for it. Feel free to ask any of our clients!)

We use a combination of cardiovascular training and strength training to burn calories and build muscle. We don't just flip tires and run for 30 min or stick to lifting weights at every class. Our coaches create programs that are perfectly designed to help clients accomplish goals.

Sometimes, a single workout might have two parts: one “cardio” element and one strength element. Other times, we might blend cardio and strength training together. That might look something like this: 20 wallballs, 10 back squats at a certain weight, run 200 meters 4 times. Sometimes we do focus on either strength or conditioning in a single session. But overall, we focus on both!

This makes our clients stronger and lets them slowly build muscle in order to burn more body fat. Do this regularly, and you’re going to begin to see some muscle definition. No, your abs won’t instantly pop out. That’s a long-term goal. But you will notice that clothes start to fit better, and you’ll be able to see some visible changes.

Another secret: You can accelerate your progress by improving your diet. (We can help with that, too!)

So think about the spot you want to lose fat. Your “right here.”

Now click HERE and come talk to us. We’ll make a plan for you and tell you exactly how you can lose fat everywhere!

P.S. This is the last week to register for our 100% Virtual New Years Nutrition Challenge. We only have 10 spots left so grab one today, no matter where you are!

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