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June Member of the Month

June's member of the month is Bridgette! Bridgette started with GET FIT Hendersonville last year during our Annual Fall Fitness Challenge. She crushed it! She is currently participating in our Summer Shred Challenge which focuses on four pillars of health (Sleep, eat, move, manage). During this time she has been exercising twice a day, getting adequate sleep, meditating and focusing on stress relief tactics. Check out Bridgette!

Bridgette is a busy mom AND a business owner, who is finally making time to take care of herself and set a healthy example for her family. We are so proud of the things she has accomplished since joining us last October (like recently completing her first Murph)! We cannot wait to watch her crush the nutrition program. She is strong, hardworking, and ALWAYS smiling! Oh and she attends class at 5 AM, EVERYDAY! That is dedication right there. See what Bridgette has to say about GET FIT!

1. What brought you to GET FIT Hendersonville in the first place? I saw a Facebook post about a Fitness Challenge and I had been thinking about getting my health on track and this seemed like a good time to start. I also had a friend that had been going there for 3 years and highly recommended the gym.

2.What was your first impression? Small classes, I like that. How has that changed? Still small classes and now friendships have been made.

3.What was your first “bright spot”? I would have to say, finally taking the time to focus on me.

4.What are you working on now? Losing weight and getting healthy along with nutrition

5.What’s your favorite GET FIT Hendersonville memory?” Making Friends that encourage me along the way.

6. Advice to anyone getting started in their fitness journey? They have to be willing to really want it. At least that has what kept me head strong and to stay consistent.

Again, we are so proud of Bridgette and the rest of the busy parents and adults that come in and workout to stay healthy. Our sessions range in length from 30 min to 1 hour so no matter what schedule conflicts you have, you can still get in a good workout. If you are ready to join an awesome community with smiling faces like Bridgette and great coaches. Email “I’m ready” to Coach Ashley We hope to help you soon!

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