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Lean Into Fear and Embrace the Hard Stuff

The first post I ever published on my GET FIT Hendersonville site was called “Founding GET FIT.” In it I talk about my mission and why I decided to start a gym. I talked about helping people do amazing things and living a healthy life.

My point—and one of the goals of GET FIT Hendersonville—is that OUR gym gives you a life worth living; we want our members to go and DO stuff with their fitness.

We love having you do 5ks and marathons; Spartans; the “bucket list” stuff, like skydiving and hiking Machu Picchu. We can get you ready for any of it. That doesn’t mean those things won’t be scary. Have you ever noticed that it doesn’t matter how prepared you are, the nerves always kick in?

I want you to know that anticipation is worse than the activity itself.

Our fear of what might happen is always way out of scope from what actually happens. Our silly brains take over and our minds go to the worst-case scenario. This causes our bodies to run in “high stress mode”. When the event actually starts, we’re exhausted from replaying the possibilities over and over!

Starting a fitness journey is very similar. Joining a gym can be intimidating, scary, and filled with change. I always tell people “walking in the door is the hardest part”. Once you do that, you get to meet a tribe full of awesome people doing amazing things.

Anybody out there spend hours of their day thinking about getting healthy? What about when you get invited to a wedding or a formal event, how much headspace is taken up stressed about what you are going to wear? Don’t get me started on food, with all of these crazy diets out there how does anybody know what to eat? Who dreads that trip to the doctor, you probably already know what they are going to tell you?

All of those questions mentioned above are exhausting. The average person spends hours a day, compounded monthly, and even yearly with these questions playing over and over in their heads. Those questions do not include the negative thoughts that creep into people’s minds. The self doubt, the lack of confidence, the guilt when they can’t keep up with their kids or grandkids, etc.

Starting a fitness journey always seems to be “The Hard Thing”. Walking in the door of the gym… “The Hard Thing”.

However, waiting, deliberating, anticipating, staying where you are now is always worse than doing. If you can choose when to start The Hard Thing, choose to start it right now. Skip the hard part.

Don’t give anymore of your life to these questions or thoughts. If you are intimidated, afraid, or anxious and need help getting started, book a phone call with me and let GET FIT Hendersonville help you get ready to do “the bucket list” kind of stuff.

Lean into fear and embrace the hard stuff!

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