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Need A Kick Start

There’s a lot more to fitness than your daily workout, which is why we originally launched The Fall Challenge back in 2019.

As your coaches we realize you need more than just a workout to feel good inside and out. If good health is your goal, then we need to always be talking about one or all of the following to help you optimize your life:

● Movement and exercise (of course)

● Nutrition

● Sleep and recovery

● Managing our life and our mindset.

We will be kicking this summer off by coaching around the SEMM model for optimizing our lives and bodies. The four pillars we’ll be focusing on are:

1. Sleep: We will share ways on how you can improve your sleep. 

2. Eat: We will help you eat better by guiding you to good habits first. 

3. Move: We will encourage you to move more often by guiding you to adherence first (just show up) 

4. Manage: we will share ways to help you manage your lifestyle by guiding you to daily
habits first, establishing a morning routine, (plan your workout time, schedule 5 minutes for meditation); optimal habits second (skip the middle of the grocery store); and then to your lifestyle goals 

Our mission is simple. Undo all the horrible habits that were developed during the last year of this pandemic.

If this is something you feel like you need then join our 2021 Summer Shred for 42 days we will deliver goals for you to easily attain. You can focus on all 4 pillars right away or if you know that you need major improvement in one area we will have you start there.

You will track what you’re doing and we will help you pull the levers that will get you results in the long-term. Let's GO!!! Book a No Sweat Intro with Coach Ashley to get started. We have have 12 spots available and they will go quick.

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