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Sleep, Eat, Move, Manage

At GET FIT Hendersonville we are gearing up to launch our first ever Summer Shred Kick Start! We run a massive challenge in the fall that has led to a lot of significant improvements in the lives of the individuals that took our challenge and their results are inspiring.

After a chat with a few members, we thought… “We should do this in the spring too”! However, it can’t be exactly the same. Therefore we will be introducing a completely new coaching model called SEMM. So, what in the world is SEMM?

SEMM is an acronym for Sleep, Eat, Move, Manage and it is actually the best form of coaching we can offer to our clients! If there is anything that pandemic has proven to us is that coaching fitness is not one-dimensional. Creating a healthy life is not all about movement and exercise.

This is where the SEMM Model comes in!

We believe that it is important for our coaches to deliver more than movement. Our coaches deliver a plan that best supports our clients no matter the circumstances; gym closures, lack of access to equipment, travel, budget, lack of time and other real and perceived barriers to improved health and fitness disappear. Each plan includes elements of helping clients sleep, eat, move, and manage their stress.

How does SEMM benefit you, the client? Why should you care about managing your stress and sleep in addition to your eating and movement? Well to keep it short and simple: If you sleep better, you wake up in a better mood and begin the day with less stress. You are motivated to exercise which goes better because you are rested and then you are ready to nourish your body with good food. The opposite is also true – if you go to bed stressed, then you likely don’t sleep well. You wake up stressed, find excuses not to exercise and making healthy nutrition choices goes out the window!

What does SEMM look like and how can we use it to help you? It starts by making small changes in each of the 4 pillars of health. Telling someone to go from sleeping an average of 4 hours per night to 6-8 is asking for a HUGE change, so perhaps we simply start with sleeping in pitch black and cooler temperatures.

A daily movement goal of 60-90 minutes can seem daunting for someone that doesn’t exercise. However, unstructured movement counts too! It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that gym time is the only exercise time. In reality, taking the stairs or parking at the back of your work parking lot can easily add minutes to your daily movement goal. Carrying groceries, kids, and briefcases qualify too!

At GET FIT Hendersonville we do not promote a particular diet but rather making all around healthy choices. Asking someone to making radical changes to the way they have been eating for years is a recipe for disaster. However, starting with eating vegetables with every meal is a great place to start making changes.

Last, but certainly not least is stress management. Family, work, budget, and personal health are all sources of stress in our lives. Small, daily disciplines like practicing gratitude, journaling, or spending time in nature are small wins that truly add up to big change down the road. Being accountable to yourself for the things you want to accomplish and taking a proactive approach to how your time is spent are wonderful additions as well.

This can seem like a big undertaking; in order for it to work it requires self-awareness and a great coach. It doesn’t happen overnight, but this framework provides a fantastic foundation for making a lasting impact in your life. This is something that we all need in our lives right now as we try to rebuild and establish a “new normal”. Our summer shred is the perfect opportunity for you to get started on the right foot. With a great group of coaches and the perfect community, how could you go wrong? Learn more here!!!!

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