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The REAL Path to Success

Success in a fairy tale world is a straight line from the beginning to reaching your SUPER GOAL! However, it never really works like that it is usually an upside down, twisty, turning mess!

You will start out taking one million steps forward and then before you know it you will be back to zero again. Then just like the sun will come out tomorrow there will be more progress, and then back to ALMOST zero. Forward, backward, forward, backward, gain weight, lose weight, make it to 6 classes one week and then only 2 the next. It can be a crazy cycle.

So why do you keep going? Because every time you do you, you learn lessons, you go forward, and you never fall back quite as far as you did before. The cycle gets smaller as you learn. It is okay to fail and to loop backwards, there is always a lesson.

Looking forward you will start to notice that what once seemed like big setbacks are not so big because you have been there before , YOU CAN HANDLE IT. The next you know you will think “Wow, I’ve gone a whole year without gaining any major weight.” Then when you feel like you have fallen off the wagon you will think back, change your perspective, and continue trudging forward.

I love this story shared in the blog mentioned below about another gym owner, Nikole, coined the hashtag #highclassproblems. She’s an expert. And I love the phrase, because it reminds me that while problems will never go away, they get smaller in magnitude and less frequent over time. You lost 60 lbs and gained 10 lbs back? Bummer. At least you are STILL DOWN 50 LBS and you have all the tools in your pocket that got you there!

I see so many get stuck in the forward and backward all the time. They will try something new, then fall off. They will try a new meal plan but it doesn't fit their lifestyle. Maybe the exercise they are doing is unfulfilling because they need new goals, maybe they need a coach, or a support group. Sometimes the time doesn't seem right but guess what??? It never is.

If you simply make a commitment to something usually after a few weeks you will be further along than you expected and if you just keep going even when you fall off it will never be back to zero.

A tough holiday season of too much eating, drinking and resting (#highclassproblems), can cause you to fall backward. But you can still exercise. You can still show up. You haven’t lost everything. And next year, when you fall back again, you’ll be even further ahead.

When your world seems upside down, go to the gym, it will make your day so much better, today's problems will seem slightly less horrible! I know... I have been there

Inspiration provided by Chris Cooper at

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