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What are you scared of?

I came across an article about a woman who felt like she was scared of pretty much EVERYTHING: the doctor, heights, dogs, driving … and even getting older.

The same day I heard a completely different story about a man who moved to the US to start a company, but failed miserably on his first try.

He was devastated and it almost almost crushed him. After some self-reflection, he realized it wasn’t the failure, but his crippling fear of rejection… that was preventing him from living his life again

These two people didn’t know each other, but they both decided to take the same course of action.

They were tired of being held back by the fears … so they decided to rush headfirst into them!

Each challenged themselves to do what scared them, for 100 days straight.

They stepped way outside their comfort zones to do things like rappelling, walking in the subway in their bathing suit, or touching giant, hairy spiders.

One by one, they faced their fears. In the process, they learned they were capable of SO MUCH MORE than they ever imagined!

This is so inspiring and empowering.

Our society has it all wrong. We like to think of brave people as having no fear – but the truth is, you can’t be brave unless you have fear!

Without it, there is nothing to overcome.

After her 100 days, the woman started a business to help others (, and the the man wrote a book about his rejection quest:

What’s ONE THING you can do today to further your LIFE in the direction you want to head?

One of our clients attempted a new excise called "Pistols" last week. If you would like some help conquering your fears and receiving a clear path to help schedule a No Sweat Intro with Coach Ashley!

I’d love to hear about it! Let me know below ...

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