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Your get-it-done now guide for the holidays!

I have a supercharged list for you of things you can do to RIGHT NOW to avoid feeling stressed during the holidays!

We all know how stressful it can get this time of year…. last week I shared a few tips to get you through the holiday season and now we are going to go into more detail so you can actually ENJOY the hustle and bustle!

Here’s my list of Top 5 Things you can do right now to set yourself for a stress-free holiday season...

First: Do your holiday shopping right now … ONLINE. Make a list, and get it done!

If you are looking for handcrafted items, our awesome client Cyndi is the owner of Stitches by Cyndi, Another great local company owned by our client Randi is Bluedog Creations You can find everything from items for your pet, to clothes, kids, candles etc. You can even get some items personalized! GET FIT Hendersonville even has some great options:

  1. Personal Training Sessions

  2. Gift Cards

  3. Supplements

  4. Merch

Etsy is a great place to find unique gifts online. And there’s also trusty old Amazon, plus literally thousands of other sites, probably including your favorite stores. One thing I love about shopping online – besides avoiding the insane crowds and traffic – is that it helps me stick with my holiday budget. I’m much less likely to buy something on impulse.

So. That’s the first thing. Make your list, and get to ordering! You can even pick up your wrapping paper and gift bags online :-)

Second … make a plan for your WORKOUTS.

Go get your calendar and write them down in your planner. If your workouts aren’t already designed for you, make sure you have a game plan of what you’re going to do each day.

Leaving your workouts to chance can mean they are the first thing to drop off your list when life gets crazy. Remember, working out is great for your immune system, boosting your mood, and will also help you sleep better.

If you are looking for assistance in this area of your life GET FIT can help. Book a No Sweat Intro and join us for 3rd annual Merry Squatsmas and a Happy New Rear program that starts on November 29th.

Third … Have a plan for your MEALS.

This means planning your meals & snacks for the week ahead of time … make a grocery list … hit the store … and do as much prep as you can!

I can’t stress this one enough. It’s SO MUCH EASIER to stay on track and away from the restaurants if you know you have an easy, healthy and delicious meal waiting for you at home. Winging your nutrition plan is the same as jumping out of a plane without a parachute. Your diet plays a huge role in your results … up to 80% of it!

Planning ahead of time won’t take long, but is one of the most impactful things you can do each week for yourself and your family.

Our clients are going to be receiving a habit tracker later this week to add some accountability to the holidays!

FOURTH … be present and thankful!

One of my favorite ways to slow down and be “in the moment” is to wear a piece of clothing or jewelry as a reminder. Every time I see it, I tell myself to slow down for a second and take a moment to feel grateful and present.

Your reminder could be a bracelet, a ring, or even something on your desk at work. It could also be your water bottle! Every time you catch a glimpse of it, take a second to smile and say thanks!

It’s a little thing, but it really does make a difference.

FIFTH … let go of perfection.

This is definitely a BIG part of enjoying the holidays.

All of the excitement this time of year is great … it’s a magical time of year, filled with fun and possibility. But that can lead to a lot of expectations for how things SHOULD go, versus how they ACTUALLY go in real life.

When things don’t go as planned, it can feel surprisingly upsetting. I remember my first holidays without certain family members … or when I was away from home, or had to work. It took some adjustment, that’s for sure! If it’s going to be one of those holidays for you this year, acknowledge how you feel, and make time for self-care.

Do something good for yourself – and find time for something fun and different. Treat yourself to a great workout, go to the movies, or get outside for some fresh air! Be open to possibilities … but remember life can be messy. In fact, it’s those messy details that often help us create new traditions.

There you have it! That’s my Top 5 List of things you can easily do to make your holidays healthier and less stressful.

Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Do your holiday shopping online.

  2. Plan and schedule your workouts.

  3. Do as much meal prep as possible ahead of time.

  4. Wear a gratitude reminder.

  5. Let go of perfection and enjoy the moment for what it is.

Sound doable?! Let me know below which ones you’re committing to!

Make it an amazing day.

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