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strong mind.

strong body.


A strength and conditioning program built for everyone.

Why Choose strength?

Are you looking for a CrossFit style workout but not so sure that environment is right for you? This class offers a similar workout in a friendly and accepting atmosphere.

Celebrate those hard earned achievements with your Fit Family. They know how hard you work to accomplish them, so they are always excited to help you recognize your achievements.

Feeling lost in the crowd? Small class sizes allow coaches to give more attention to each member. We are here to keep your intensity up, help you figure out when to go heavier, and teach you how improve form so you get the most out of your workout.

Be strong! Find the strength you never knew you had. Or maybe you know it's in there, but can't seem to tap into it. We can help you find it!

We give you:

Exceptional coaches

Our BarbellFit coaches are experts in a variety of fitness methods required for this style of workout. Safety is key here. Coaches will work with you to ensure proper form so you can achieve new milestones and avoid injury.


This crew works hard and cheers harder. These workouts can be tough, but we get through it together. We accept no excuses, hold each other accountable, laugh together, play together and lift each other up. 


Get ready to get your sweat on! These classes are high intensity and high energy. You'll enjoy getting to learn new movements and the ability to measure your progress. 


It's tough, but it's worth it. You won't just be able to see it on the scale, you can see it in the mirror. Your body will feel stronger and you will love the feeling of being able to lift heavier, run faster or do more reps. It's so easy to find a win!

let's do this!

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