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Healthier Hendersonville 2- Stompin Grounds Coffee

Since national coffee day happened this week, I thought it was only appropriate to feature a coffee shop and this one comes with a two for one… food and coffee!

This eclectically rustic coffee shop is located right off of Main St. in Hendersonville. Just look for the pink Hendersonville Flower Express building and you cannot miss it. Know what it is yet?

Stompin Grounds Coffee opened in June of 2018 and quickly became Hendersonville’s only locally owned coffee shop. I distinctly remember one day back in 2017, when coffee shops were popping up all over neighboring Nashville, I desperately searched Hendersonville for something that wasn’t Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. To my surprise it did not exist. Stompin Grounds provides great coffee, good food, a comfortable place to sit, a place to meet with friends and a place to work, all things that Hendersonville desperately needed.

According to the website the owners founded Stompin Grounds “out of passion for coffee, community, and cause. The owners started the One27 foundation. This foundation exists to help support La Misión para Niños an orphanage for disabled children in Mexico! Click the link above to learn more about the orphanage and the One27 foundation.

More about the coffee… the coffee is provided by Nashville Roast Coffee Company. Nashville roast sources only the best coffee from around the world and roasts it right here in middle Tennessee. Stompin Grounds offers 6 different blends from Nashville Roast and if you still cannot find something you like they will get it roasted for you. Stompin Grounds also serves food! From create your own flatbread pizza to a maple, bacon, blueberry bagel something is sure to peak your interest.

So what is healthy? What can you eat and drink at Stompin Grounds Coffee without completely blowing the diet? I chose to order from the seasonal menu because who can turn down a S’mores Mocha this fall? The wonderful barista behind the counter was quick to know how to make it skinny so of course I ordered a large. Also it is 2020 and I need a little extra brainpower these days!

The Macros for this particular drink are:

Calories: 131

Protein: 6

Carbs: 29

Fat: 0

The only thing that could not be made skinny was the toasted marshmallow syrup. The unfortunate truth is that these syrups that go in coffee are pretty sugary. I had the carbs in my day to spare but if I had not Stompin Grounds has sugar free white chocolate and dark chocolate syrup. Which is amazing because I could have gotten an iced tuxedo. Give this a try if you are looking for a sweet drink with little carbs. Recipe: Iced mocha with SF white chocolate and dark chocolate syrup and non-fat milk!

As for food I would splurge and spend some carbs and fat on the avocado toast, for an added protein boost have them add an egg!

Next time you need a place to meet up with a friend, have lunch, or a quiet spot to work checkout Stompin Grounds Coffee!

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