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How Melanie Lost 50 lbs

One of our amazing members has lost over 50 lbs and counting. She lost around 34 pounds before finding GET FIT and in the last 90 days she has not only lost 25 more pounds but has dropped inches, gained muscle and decreased body fat. She has been exercising 3 times per week and really focusing in on her nutrition. Her journey is incredibly inspiring.

Read what Melanie has to say about her journey!

“So this year I turned 60.

And as I thought about where I had been, where I was and where I wanted to go I realized I wasn’t happy with myself physically. I had let myself go over the years with stress, menopause and just plain old complacency. So I decided to make a change. So I found an all natural supplement program that along with good nutrition would help me lose weight. And it did! In three months I lost 34 lbs.

Then there was a tragic death close to our family and I then decided that not only is losing weight important but getting physically fit was as important. So not only for me but my children I was going to get in shape

I found Get Fit in Hendersonville and started on my journey. 2 months later I have lost a total of 57 lbs and 33” and still going. Wasn’t sure it would work out but it did and I love it! I am naturally competitive so I push myself to keep up with the younger ones and see what I can actually do.

I have more energy, my mood is elevated, I can move without grunting, and feel overall great

I would say to anyone…don’t settle for anything less than investing in yourself, loving yourself and believing on yourself

It has become my passion and I love sharing it with everyone”

Imagine what you can accomplish in 90 days. Wherever you are is the perfect place to start. Learn more by booking a No Sweat Intro about how GET FIT can provide coaching and accountability to help you be successful.

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