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May Member of the Month

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

May’s athlete of the month is Katelyn! Katelyn’s progress really started shaping up when she joined our GET FIT Nutrition program. She played the long game and set a goal to lose 1lb a week. This is the way to go. It is not an overnight success.

The bigger achievement is the drop in body fat! About the same time she decided to join our Barbell Club. Since then she has an incredibly large list of achievements! To name a few: she got her first pull up, completed several 30 inch box jumps, and can deadlift a car! Just kidding but it is A LOT! The possibilities are endless for her as now she sets her sights on improving her Olympic Lifting!

See what Katelyn has to say about her GET FIT journey!

1) I came to GetFit in October 2019 for the Fall Challenge. I was at a turning point with my stress and fitness and something had to change and the challenge was only 6 weeks with no commitment requirements so I thought, “what could I possibly lose?”

2) My initial impression was I liked the idea of a small gym, but I was skeptical it would be something for me. I have social anxiety in groups my worst nightmare is talking to a stranger, but the coaches and people in classes made me feel welcome and that helped me come out of my shell. By the end of the 6 week challenge I was ALL in and had committed to 6 months!

3) My first bright spot was on Memorial Day of 2020 when I completed Murph Hero WOD solo! My current one is losing 21.8 pounds since starting the nutrition program in August of 2020!

4) I am currently enrolled In the nutrition and barbell programs with Coach Ashley. I am learning to fuel my body correctly and learning I am so much stronger than I ever thought.

5) it is hard to pinpoint one memory, so I won’t. I’m thankful for the GetFit Family I’ve joined and the laughs, friendship, and memories we have created together. I will say my favorite decision is joining Barbell program. It is a tight and not so small group now but we are a family.

If you are ready to join an awesome community with great coaches. Email “I’m ready” to Coach Ashley We hope to help you soon!

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