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Welcome to "National Eating Season"

📢😋Welcome to “National Eating Season!”

🍲That’s what the Mayo Clinic actually calls this time of year. Whenever possible, it’s always best to keep your body & eating schedule on your normal routine to help keep you feeling healthy.

BUT ... I’ve got a really quick tip for you today... in case you do end up eating more than usual.

👉Did you know that the regular everyday activity you do during the day has a huge impact on how much fuel (i.e., calories) you burn every day?

🚶‍♂️I’m talking about simple things like parking farther away in parking lots so you take more steps, taking the stairs instead of elevator, standing instead of sitting, tackling an extra chore at night instead of watching TV, etc. 🚗

Keeping busy and active can help cut back on the after-effects of eating foods that aren’t part of your usual diet.

Being mindful about your activity level is EXTRA important when you are off your normal routine! (BONUS POINTS: Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking water!)

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